Fitting Room Chronicles 1


Oh Zara, must you take all of my coins. Must you?

Earlier this week, we took a trip to the mall and of course ended up in Zara Kids. It’s absolutely, one of my favorite stores to shop at for Sparkle. I usually opt for key pieces, they sell out pretty quickly. Jumpers are our absolute favorites, we mostly use them as transitional pieces. Ya know, like right now as we are leaving Winter preparing for Spring. Perfect!

We have our eyes on these three items right now. Debating on if we need, one, or all three. I’ve been put on a budget for Sparkle because I tend to go a bit overboard. Just can’t help myself! Besides she’s into this whole shopping thing and LOVES it. Clearly, this is gonna kick me in the gut But for now, I find it hilarious, her picking out her selections, walking all over the store with them and than following me to the register. funny.

PS. Which one is your favorite?








  1. Maisha Addai says:

    So cute!!

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