On Sunday, the entire #lovethegittens clan went out to Prospect Park for our #curlfest. Last year, was so different, the kids were smaller, my patience was thinner and we were unprepared. I was sure to check my patience in the car on the ride over, and prayed the four of us would have fun.We had such a good time! You know the type of fun when the kids get in the car and they fall asleep within 10 mins of the car pulling off. I tried to hold off for as long as I could but before you knew out, I was sleep too and didn’t wake up until we hit home.

The entire environment was so welcoming and lots of positive vibes from beautiful folks. We also networked which is MAJOR for me.We even did an interview with Michaela Angela Davis! When I came home and told my mom she was like, OMG you did. She was such a sweet heart. Like super sweet. Although, I didn’t get an opportunity to visit all of the booths, I got a chance to peek in and see all that they had to offer. Cantu had a super cute game station and Shea Moisture with their braid bar, MAJOR HIT.

Just a heads up, Sparkle and I shared camera duties this year. Can’t even believe I’m saying that. lol  SJ has shown an interest in photography for some time. Guess, its spilling over for Summer since she has been his subject. lol .I love how she takes it a step farther, when she starts bending down, or trying to find her balance when holding the camera so the picture is perfect.


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  1. Your right CurlFest was amazing!!!? I got a goodie bag, helped at the SheaMoisture booth, and met Richelieu & his daughters. I danced on stage as the Centric team recorded us for tv and ate a lot of icees & pizza. I went by Dove to see my favorite vlogger Jenell and other YouTubers thoughout the day. I saw on Instagram that you were at CurlFest, but I didn’t get to meet you, oh well maybe next time?.

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