Fall Hair Regimen + Hair Challenge


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We are back with another hair post! Our last wash day was in June. I can’t even believe it myself. I found myself, doing Sparkle’s hair way too much and the weather was so disrespectful. One minute her curls were popping, the next minute, hair was just all over the place without a curl in sight. So I opted for dry twist all summer. It kept me sane, and her hair was actually in a very healthy state.

Sharing our new regimen using ginger cleanse +olive oil + coconut oil + sparkle’s butter mix…I am so pleased with the results from this product, and so happy, I decided to cut down on the products used. For the oils, I mixed them together and apply to scalp every night and massage her hair for a few seconds

Newly favorite product, is The fractionated coconut oil. Not only do we use it on our hair but also on our skin.She suffers from eczema and it does wonders for her skin, since its super light and do not leave a very greasy look. Love how it doesn’t clog the pores either like regular organic coconut oil does. Also since, it’s already refined, we use it with our essentials oils in a diffuser, highly recommend. Okay enough about that. Will work on sharing our skin routine, because inflammation is no joke, especially when the kids are suffering.










So we already received a few questions on Sparkle’s butter. I promise I am working on it, and hope to have it available really soon.

Interested in this coconut oil, you’re in luck. You can become one of my loyal customers and order it here. Becoming one of my loyal customers saves you coins, who doesn’t love to save coins? I know I do.  Some of you may have additional questions and while I am no expert, I do not mind helping and sharing what works. Text HAIR to (973) 437- 3870.

Now for the hair challenge! Whose ready to join us?

Let me just say the focus of this hair challenge is to focus on proper hair care and adapting a healthy hair care regimen. Both are necessary to achieve healthy hair. If your goal is to grow your hair, lets start with this.Once your hair is healthy, your hair will GROW. Trust me. No secret, just you properly taking care of your scalp, keeping your hair moisturizered, eating well and drinking water.( Sparkle is only allowed to have juice, maybe once a week,unless her grandma sneaks her some)

It will start on September 21st, so that gives you a little time to prepare.

1.Refrain from washing hair for an entire month ( 09/21-10/21)

2.massage oil(s) on scalp every single night. tip, add a little Jamaican black castor oil to your oils, only if you are trying to thicken your hair. It can be a little heavy, so only use a tab bit. Be sure to rub additional oils on problem areas, edges, middle of hair etc.

3.sleep with satin pillowcase and/or satin bonnet

4.take before and after pictures

5. If protective styling, refrain from pulling or tugging on the hair. Opt for styles that require very minimum maintenance. ex. loose braids and/or twist.

6. Less the best, the less you touch it the better.Only touch when necessary, oil it, style it and keep it moving.


PS. use the hashtag #sparkleshairchallenge



  1. Can’t wait to go this challenge with my daughter!. Thank you!

  2. Summer’s hair is looking great; its so voluminous and healthy. I have a protective style in right now, but I’ll do the #sparkleshairchallenge. I will be using organic EV olive oil, organic jojoba oil & organic jbco 1:1:1 ratio oil mixture. I’ll be using my own special DIY hair butter and water refresher spray. I hope this makes my hair grow #hairgrowth??.
    Did you use Camille Rose Naturals Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard Conditioner after cleansing her hair? Or did you use the Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioner?

  3. We are down

  4. Hey! OK 2curlybrowngirls are going to take the challenge too! Its time for a much needed break. Hope I can stick with it.

    • callmesparkle says:

      so happy you are joining us!! I am doing the challenge as well, so thats one way I plan to keep myself accountable.

  5. haha omg! I love you! nice visuals – thanks for sharing! 🙂

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