Birthday Party Fit.

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Yay!! Sparkle officially turns the big 3 tomorrow. Over the weekend, we celebrating with a pony party. She had her themed picked out since January, so we granted her wish. I shared all of the details of the party on our family blog. After we came home, she wanted to take some photos with all of the star-shaped, pink balloons. We live on a cul-de-sac, so she ran free in the middle of the street with all of her balloons in tow. So much JOY all on her face. I have a little something planned for her tomorrow, to continue to birthday festivities.

Her birthday dress tho!!!. She received it in the mail two days before her party, and cried because we wouldn’t let her wear it to bed. I originally picked something else out for her to wear for her birthday party. I just could not resist letting her do her own thing. So the night before her birthday, we laid everything out and her face LIT up when she realized it was the dress. Auntie E added some flair on to the dress and she loved it even more. I really loved how to dress included snaps in the middle for closure which really sealed the deal with letting her wear it to ride the horses. It allowed her to be girly, yet have fun without her pretty lady being exposed.

Some pics of her fit below.










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  1. Maria Pankin says:

    Happy Birthday to a sweet girl
    Maria Pankin

  2. My favorite color is pink too? Sparkle looks so cute in her tutu and stars ballon?, she looks like she’s having the time of her life?Hair on fleek too, lol(twist out bomb)!!!?????

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