Brush Strokes

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We’ve been on a roll with posting on the blog this week. Although we aim, to do three post a week, looks like we may get five in this week.Just don’t hold me to that every week folks. While spring cleaning the other day, I found this jumper. Totally forgot about. That’s what happens when you buy stuff and store it.  Please note that I only do this when it’s like dirt cheap or it’s just too good to pass up. This jumper was all of $2.00. Super clearance at our local gap kids one evening, and I scooped it up barely looking at the size. Usually, these type of outfit are saved for errands, or when she’s out with daddy or her grandmas, technical outfits aren’t necessary when she’s with them. at all. Who knows how she will return!

This jacket was just looking for some loving. I stored it since the weather can’t make its mind it. Last week, in the 70’s this week in the 50’s. What’s a girl to do. So we took the jacket out for a spin. Sparkle loves the brush strokes, she thinks it’s paint and wants to add more ( silly girl). We may do a jacket as a DIY with some paint. That’s going to be fun.










What Sparkle Wore : Jacket  || Jumpsuit (GapKids, sold out, similar here , here, and here || socks ( sold out, differs color option here||sneakers|| sunglasses

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