Fall is HERE!


Just getting around to post these photos we shot around the corner from our home. Most time, Sparkle and I walk when we need to run a few errands. We live in a small town, with very few cute backgrounds to capture her #ootd photos. Sometimes, I am up for a challenge and getting creative, but some days it can be quite frustrating! Woud you believe me if I told you, this was on the side of someone’s house? well it was, LOL. Gotta be faithful over the little, before he can bless you with more.

PS. Sparkle was so excited because she styled this one herself. It’s a bit interesting and cute at the same time.






What Sparkle Wore:  Dress (Rylee & Cru, sold out) || Tights || Shoes || Sunglasses + Purse || thrifted


  1. I love her hair, if have not said it before…..Love love love it. and, she did really great on the styling.

    Ken and Sid.

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