Floral Leggings

Happy Friday!!

Obsessed over these floral leggings!!Here’s the truth. I can’t recall a time I bought Sparkle a pair of leggings. Her grandma usually buys her the little 2 piece outfits and Sparkle will wear that when she is with her. Until she came home with these floral leggings, and I’m like OKAY, these are cute. Not sure if you would consider this a trend or not, but they are super fun and chic for the girl.What I love most about the leggings is that you can easily switch up the looks. Think playdate to birthday party fit or vice versa.  We got a little funky with this fit and paired it with this striped shirt. Now that I think about it, we did this combo before but it was toned down a bit. This time we went all out with mixing prints with the same color combination.

I am still searching for a pair of floral trousers for her, actually I have my eyes on these, just waiting for that Zara sale to hit. LOL  Word on the street, it’s in a few days. There is something about a pair of floral bottoms that screams vintage/summer time fine.

Are you into the florals this season?

What Sparkle Wore: Top: Thrifted || Leggings: Polo love these and these  || Sandals: Maison Mangostan || Make-up case: gifted || Sunglasses: GapKids, sold out: but love these and these


  1. Totally into florals this seasons and all seasons. Love how you paired it with the t-shirt and those sandals…..I love!

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