Mini Skirt + Patent Booties

Happy New Year!!

Our 1st #OOTD post of the year!!! This is our blogiversary month and it was truly a FUN year for us.Sparkle and I worked had the time of our life creating this blog and working together. To be honest, it never feels like work since I’m doing what I love with someone I love. It’s a true BLESSING!

This year, we are focusing on being more intentional about our content. We truly want this to be a place of inspiration outside of fashion. Sometime this society gets so focused on looks, that we neglect what’s on the inside. I never what that to be the case with Sparkle. never ever.

As she grows, our blog will do the same! What does this mean? You can expect us doing more videos, she’s really into that these days. Sharing more of what we do for mommy and daughter time outside of ¬†shopping and being a girly girl. We also created a few new series that we can’t wait to share.


What Sparkle Wore: Jacket ( old Bobo Choses ) || Skirt c/o || Stockings || Top || Boots c/o

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