Sparkle and Honor


Can we have a moment of silence for the slayage these two are giving us. Yes, I am very aware that slayage is not a word. but listen. these two?

What I love most is how effortless they are. They just do them. That’s it. Sparkle doing her thing, Honor doing hers and they shine together. Why do we, ( us women, moms, etc ) do the complete opposite. At what point in our lives do we decide to be so competitive , envious and jealous. If you reading this and shaking your head, like you did not or don’t have any of those feelings.praying for you.

Lets work at Just doing US, whatever that is. They didn’t look to see how the other one was posing, or wearing, nothing, it’s like Hey Girl, let’s take a pic to capture the moment.

Love them.


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