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Happy Friday!!

Just wanted to come and share a quick post before we head out-of-town.

Many of you already know, we LOVE building our wardrobe around basics. But not just any ole basics, quality ones! Ones that will sustain during playtime at home or at the park, birthday parties, and even trips to the amusement park. I tend to style her in those pieces, when I know she is going to tap into her inner tomboy chic mode and have some good ole fun. Of course , I’ll jazz it up with some accessories so she isn’t walking around looking like plain ole Jane.

I was pretty impressed with the quality from Kardashian Kids. This hoodie in particular can easily be dressed up or down. wait for it. It’s not super thick where she can’t wear as the seasons change. It’s honestly perfect! The attention to detail is amazing too. Zipper on the side, oversized pocket in the front and even the hardware on the pocket. Go figure, her favorite part of the dress is the pocket! Not sure why kids love pockets so much, guess it’s because that’s their little hiding spot. UGH.

Anyway, we are off for the weekend. Enjoy!!








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