Hair Trend: Hair Cuffs

Now that Sparkle is officially starting school, she has a new obsession with hair accessories. Our first try was adding a few gold hair pins to her hair, the second was the super cute hair cuff. Now let me tell you, we tried to use a hair clip and that was an epic FAIL.If you are wondering what the difference is, the hair clip opens up and clips right on. Now that I think about it, I should have tried to secure her hair with a tight ponytail before adding the hair cuff. However, Sparkle has so much hair that I was afraid it was going to break in half. I will continue to play around with hair styles throughout the school year. I hear so many horror stories about teachers touching the kid’s hair, or kids playing in other kids hair. I know I won’t be there to monitor things but I will try to prevent it as much as I can.

Tell us, have you tried a hair cuff or hair clip before in your mini hair.

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