Fashion Review: Honest Stain Remover 


 I shared this briefly on our Insta-Stories, but I wanted to share it here, so you have a full review.
Although Sparkle is considered a little mini maven, trust she is a normal 4 yr old. She gets tears and rips and/or spills or stains on her clothes just like any other child. I learned to take care of her clothes just like I do mine, with care. In addition to having my mom's needle and thread on hand for rips and tears, our must have prorduct is an excellent Stain Remover, note I said excellent not just good. While browsing at Target, I ran across this stain remover and hd a HUGE throw it in the bag moment. Immediately, drawn to the fact that it didnt contain any bleach and it included Lavendar. I was SOLD, but kept paying it did what it said it would. WORK ON TOUGH STAINS! Let me say, this is my new best friend!!

Whenever a stain takes place, I try to tend to it immediately. Someetimes, thats impossible so I handle it right away. This is what I love about the product, even if the stain sits for a while, until you get to it, the stain is lifted and gone. Depending on how big, deep or how long the stain was there, I give it a few sprays above the recommended amount. Please note I am not exaggerating when I say, I literally see it working right after I spray it. It's like Jesus comes and lifts the stains up! LOL  

For her delicates (socks, swimwear, underwear, and clothing with delicate fabrics etc) I'll spray them and put them in a mesh bag before throwing them into the washing machine.

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