Road Trip Style-Jumpsuits

As Summer is approaching, I wanted to take the time to showcase our essentials for road trips. Our family loves a good trip. Over the weekend, my husband and I couldn’t figure out what to do with the kids locally, so we hoped in the car and headed for Lancaster, PA.

When traveling with Sparkle and her brother, I try to keep things very light. Growing up, my mom always said to bring a jacket when traveling. Temperatures drop at night, and you just never know. Now that I have kids, I teach them the same thing. Their jean jackets are easy and since the denim is the same color, it gives them a twin moment during pictures. Jumpers are not only easy, but they are comfortable and stylish. Sparkles loves them! To keep her occupied, we generally pack a few things in her backpack, iPad, headphones, crayons, dolls and whatever else she throws in the bag. Sunglasses because who travels without sunglasses. Last but not least, a pair of shoes/sandals that can be worn multiple times if not the entire trip. Opt for something comfortable just in case you plan to do a lot of walking/sightseeing.

Tell us, do you have any fun road trips planned for the Summer?

What Sparkle Wore: Jumper: Nico Nico, similar here and here || Jean Jacket: Thrifted, love this one || Shoes: Tiny Cottons, love these and these || Backpack: Bobo Choses, love this one and these two ( only $20) || Sunglasses: Le Specs

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