Sparkle’s Top 5 hair products

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I wanted to round-up and share Sparkle’s top 5 hair products. Some are new since our last hair regimen post but nonetheless we receive so many questions about her hair. Offline and online I openly share what we do and what products we use. Honestly speaking, I understand how caring for a child’s hair can be frustrating and often times difficult. Thankfully, I had SJ first and went through a lot of trial and error on his hair to learn what to do and what not to do.

As the summer is approaching, our products have changed a bit to get ready for all of this humidity. Last year we went all summer without really washing her hair. Did a lot of dry twist outs and the results were healthy moisturized strands, and crazy volume. This Summer, we plan to play around with some protective styles in preparation for her going to school.

Break down of products:

Camille Rose Natural|| Sweet Ginger Cleanse: For as long as this company is around, their products will be a staple in her beauty closet. The entire family uses this cleansing rinse, that’s how good it is. Gives us enough slip to finger detangle and leaves our scalp nice and clean. I started to focus more on cleansing her scalp, because that’s where healthy strands begin.

Mizani|| Supreme Oil Conditioner: Oldie but goodie. When I was trying to grow Sj’s hair back after cutting it, we met with a natural hair specialist. She came to my house, observed SJ’s hair, explained his texture to me and what I needed to do to correct our main issue: DYRNESS. IT WAS DRY AS A BRILLO PAD!  My entire family thought I was nuts trying to reverse his hair. It truly brought back his curls and helped us on his hair journey. Let me add I used this product faithfully one a week, until his hair was showing much improvement. I would add this in, and cover his hair with a cap for about 30 mins. Time from time I pull this back on and use it on both of their hair when it’s in need of a deep conditioner.

Camille Rose Naturals|| Sundaze Glaze: We haven’t had any favorites in Leave-ins, but this one right here, EVERYTHING. We haven’t stopped using it since they released their kids collection. Sparkle is even a fan. It smells DELICIOUS!! Right after we wash her hair I apply this in her hair and apply a little olive oil to lock in moisture. It leaves her hair feeling all smooth and shiny. I also use this to refresh her hair, during our dry twist out moments.

Laurencias|| Anyia Butter: OUR HOLY GRAIL. Don’t believe me, this is what we used for her hair this time and this time. Anyway,This is thee product that helps us through our non wash moments. Like all last summer when all the DM’S and comments were about her hair, this was the product. I shared it but it wasn’t available for purchase yet, our friends were still developing it. However, it’s been flying off the shelf because it’s that good!!! If your child has thick hair like Sparkle’s and need that extra moisture, this is the product for you. Some people expect Sparkle’s hair to be a little rough because of the texture but it’s super soft, credit that to moisturizing it properly. With this product, because of its consistency and texture you don’t need much. Here’s a tip, before we unravel her twist, we take a dime sized amount of this plus a drop of olive oil rub it together, and take a few twist in between our hands and rub them gently. Think of the of the rapper Birdman money rub, when doing this, LOL  If you seen SJ’s hair, this is the only product I use for him. Less is best for his hair.

Camille Rose Naturals: Sweet Puddin Now listen, the folks at Camille Rose are geniuses. They knew when they debuted this kids collection it had to not only perform but smell good, because it lures the kids IN. We used to use their almond jai twist butter, but gave this a try and it’s just as good and it’s inexpensive. Sparkle loves a good smelling product, such a little lady. We use this puddin on our initial two strand twist following up from the wash. I try to use something that’s really going to help her coils as much as possible since her curl pattern is a little tight. If your mini me hairs performs better with creams, try this, it’s not a heavy cream either. The texture of this is pretty light weight, so it absorbs very nicely without leaving residue if you know what I mean.

Hope this post blesses you while you care for your child(ren) mane. Also, here are the rest of her hair post. 




  1. Can you also list your favorite Deep Condioner,Oils and Hair Treatments? What is your must have tools? Like places were you get your bonnet, hair steamers, hooded dryer, flat iron, blow dryer w/ attachments, clips/bandannas/barrettes, scarfs/bows/beads, combs/brushes, scrunchies/ribbons/elastics? What tools and tips you can give on wash day or hairstyling time to make it fun and easy for you and Summer? What is Summer’s & SJ’s hair type- curl pattern, strands width, density, texture & length? Things you use to instill confidence in Summer like books, tv and words of affirmation?

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