5 Tips to grow your Blog: Kids Version

Let me start off by saying I hesitated many times on creating a post like this for numerous reasons. For one, there are many websites and forums and ” successful bloggers/digital creatives” sharing their thoughts on this topic. However, so many of you have reached out and asked about advice for growing a ” child’s social media account/blog”. While there is a lot of negativity that surrounds ” using children”  for opportunities, there is a purpose for some of us who do it. So let’s begin with my first tip.

1.What is your mission? What is your Goal behind creating an Instagram account/children’s style blog? Before you even begin, start here… What is your WHY? Are you starting because this is aligned with your work, your passion. Are you starting because other folks have a page ( just saying)? Do you want to create a business out of this, or is it just a hobby? There is not a right or wrong answer to these questions. YOU have to define your WHY! What is it? Define this and keep this at the center. To those who are asking and wondering what’s our why? I started Sparkle’s blog when we had our online shop, Louis B. Her Instagram account was created as a marketing tool and we blogged her #OOTD under the family blog. However, after we closed the shop, her Instagram page was growing rapidly, so we decided to continue with it. At the time, we had to redefine our why, but we always started with a goal/mission.

2.Build an AUTHENTIC community! I can not stress this enough. Your page is nothing without your community. Now yes, I believe in Jesus and faith, and what’s for you is for you. However, WORSHIP AND WORK go hand in hand. Quick and easy tip on building a community is the one and only engagement. Replying to comments, finding other pages to follow that you can RELATE too, not just like their pictures and comment hoping to be friends because they have a huge following. People can spot authenticity from a distance. Another tip I will share is attend events and network. Get yourself out there.Start by sending a DM ( it goes down in the DM, LOL ), exchanging numbers, meet up for playdates, real play- dates not just to take photographs and capture the moment to share for the gram. Sparkle and I have meet and created so many wonderful friendships because of this.

3.Let your CHILD be a CHILD. Simple. You will never catch me forcing Sparkle to do anything that has to do with social media or a blog.Thankfully, she ENJOYS doing this. I credit that because I allow her to be her. The pros from this, is she has gained so much confidence, self-love friends and one of a kind opportunities. Some bloggers, plan out their outfits in advance and shoot them so they have enough content to last a week or so. I started to put pressure on myself and Sparkle to keep up content and tried that once or twice. Let me just say, it was horrible. It literally snatched the fun out of things and I vowed to stick to what works best for us. Since she is a child, I like for us to keep things relatable and true to us. If we are lacking content it’s because, the weather is nasty, we didn’t go anywhere or she just didn’t feel like taking pictures. I learned not to apologize that for that and just go with the flow. I like to keep her lifestyle public but some things are kept private for her safety. Examples of lifestyle things: her riding a bike, going skating, reading a new book, travel, church,shopping, dance class etc. Those things are perfect to share. Think of some lifestyle things your child(ren) do and share that. 

4.Share and create content based around your child, not on what’s trending. It is very easy to see someone doing something and get many likes and engagement and you do it and it’s not the same results. I don’t think I need to explain why. Believe me when I tell you, I know the pressure  is ON, but take it OFF. For instance, we started recording more videos, here and there because Sparkle really likes to talk. Her personality shows more through videos although some of you can spot her sass immediately through a picture. Create a secret Pinterest board, and pin things that may inspire you.

5.Start with what you HAVE, where you are. The Bible says in Matthew 25: 23: His lord said unto him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. Thou hast been faithful over a few things; I will make thee ruler over many things. Enter thou into the joy of thy lord.When we began taking pictures, we started with our iPhone  and eventually moved up to a Nikon .It held us over for a while, especially while we learned more about photography ( angles, lighting, locations etc). Although we have upgraded to a Sony , we are thankful for our Nikon days. Also, last year, I shared something personal with some of you. Since I  share a car with my husband and most times he has at work, we will walk to take her pictures. It works because If I’m dropping something off to the post office or walking them to the store, we will just find a cute location to take her photos. To be honest, It keep things fun and exciting for us. Remember this look, it was taken in the middle of the street, right up the street from us.

I hope this post helps you in your journey.

Let me know if you would like to hear more tips from us or if you have any questions. I will take the questions and do a Q&A post.


  1. Love this! Great tips

  2. Funnymommy868 says:

    Wow thanks a lot for the info, although I am not trying to start a blog or anything, I enjoy taking pics of my daughter and so does she. My 4 yr old just love posing and snapping pictures. We have been following sparkle for quite some time now and we love everything about her.

    • callmesparkle says:

      Wow thanks so much for following us and taking the time to read this post. I hope you two enjoy having fun with one another. That’s what matters most ✨

  3. Love this article I’m revamping my blog and YouTube channel this summer and I have a lot of posts I want to write about. My goal is to educate on hair care on a outer and inner perspective. I hope my articles can help guardians with natural hair kids, help natural hair women and men grow their hair healthy and long. I want to do this by also creating videos and posting pictures about my hair journey to inspire others to love their natural self❤️

    • callmesparkle says:

      Hey Chelsey,
      I really love this idea. Based on my small conversations with you, you seem to really take the time to do your research and know your product.I’m sure you will succeed. Blessings, keep me posted on the revamp would love to take a look.

  4. You know I’m a bit retarded (LMAO) so the way you grouped this honey, was perfect for my little brain. Anyway, I love this. One the many reasons why I gravitated towards your blog/instagram is because of your realness. (IN REAL LIFE).

    Here’s to real playdates, doing what works for you, and focusing on your own true talents. Don’t follow the crowd, stand out in the Mother-F$X#%

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