Tutu Top + Puffer Jacket

I know, I know!

This look is so editorial so it may not be for everyone! I get it, but can you tell, she loves it? Lot’s of mixed prints but you can’t tell Sparkle anything. That’s what style and fashion is all about right? Not following trends but wearing what you like and rocking it like no other.

One of the many things I love about my sweet girl is her confidence no matter what she is wearing. Even at four years old, she has her own style and it won’t change for anyone, including me. Sometimes,  I try to persuade her to wear certain things and she reminds me, she has her own style.  As her mother, I chose to respect and honor that.

What Sparkle Wore: Sunglasses + Camo pants: Vintage || Jacket: AlexandAlexa (Someday Soon) || Top: Shopdisclothsure 

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