2019 Hyundai Hope on Wheels


Last week, Sparkle and the family attended Hyundai Hope on Wheels! This was our second year attending and as cliche as it sounds, this year was even better! Sparkle is at the age now where she’s understanding much more and having semi-difficult conversations with her about ” real life” is much easier.

Immediately, as we walked in she spotted some familiar faces Carter and Elizabeth. The ambassadors from last year, they have a two year run of being Hyaundi Hope On Wheels ambassadors.  She listened as they shared their year journey as ambassadors. During their stories, Elizabeth shared pictures and stories about the time she was getting chemo and she lost all of her hair. She began to explain how her classmates made fun of her and called her a boy. Sparkle looked back at me with the look of sadness written all over her face. I knew I wanted to talk to her later about it.

We ended the night by dancing in the audience while Dougie Fresh and the Alvin Alley Dance took over the stage. Sparkle couldn’t leave without going to say Hi to Elizabeth and Carter, she was so shocked when the remembered her from last year!

On the drive home, I had a conversation with Sparkle and her brother about what Elizabeth shared.  I asked them what would she do if something like that happened at school? Would she stick up for her friend or join in and laugh with the others?

I asked her to keep Elizabeth and Carter in mind when other people make fun of other kids in her presence. Stick up for them even when no one else does it. 


Y’all this metallic JACKET! OMG. Before we go any further, it was a thrift find. Yup, you read that correctly, a thrift find. I don’t know who dropped that off but thank you! Aside from that, I scored a ton of other vintage pieces that made me do a happy dance once I got home, especially since she loved everything I picked up. Nothing like picking out something for your kid just for them to say ew, I don’t like it.  Anyway, let’s get into it. If you’ve followed us for a while, you know we have a thing for metallic. It’s like a go-to for kids like black is a go-to for adults. Aside from it being trendy, it’s fun!! We’ve had our share of metallic shoes, but never a jacket!

To keep things simple and let the jacket do the talking, Sparkle went for a classic look, straight leg jeans and a white shirt,  to add a pop of color she added her metallic sandals and pink sunglasses!
What Sparkle wore: Jacket: Thrifted ( similar here and here and here)|| Jeans: Thrifted ( similar here) || Sandals ||  Sunglasses

The Strappy Sandal

Nothing says Spring like a fresh pedicure and sandals. I mean seriously, Sparkle could not WAIT to break out her sandals. Unfortunately, she grew a ton and none of her sandals from last year fits. LUCKY ME. The goal is to grab 2-3 sandals to last her for the season.

I opted this for this strappy pair, one she can wear with almost anything, that can be dressed up or down. Generally, we go for a neutral pair, like a black, or gold, but these metallic ones were just too cute and fun! So many colors and the little glitter detail on the bottom of the shoe sold her!

To help you navigate all of the sandals hitting the market, I’ve rounded up my favorite strappy sandals, all Sparkle approved!